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"Adequate care given is better than perfect care withheld"

Myself and two Brownie leaders completed our intense one-day Emergency First Responder course with T8-First Response last month, before everything came to a grinding halt.

I did a LOT of first aid training as a Guide in the UK, so this was a great opportunity to revise my skills: STOP! - THINK - ACT then Airway - Breathing - Compressions then Serious Bleeding (see below!) - Shock - Spinal Injury.

The end of the day saw us up on the roof of the person's house kind enough to host us for the day. 8 young actors were up there in various states of distress and we needed to call upon our training and try and do our best. My case was a girl who had been doing some parkour that had gone horribly wrong. It was a real buzz working with an as-close-to-real life situation as I would hope to ever come, and clearly demonstrated howm when panic sets in, the thinking brain can take a leave of absence!

Aquila stemming the flow of (pretend!) blood in an emergency scenario - sticky work!

One of the best messages I took away from the course was "Adequate care given is better than perfect care withheld". A very powerful reminder to just get stuck in and TRY.

I can't WAIT until the Guides are able to do the same (and more) training, preparing them to be a useful citizen when the need arises.

Thank you to Steve and Abigail from T8 Response for their expert tuition!

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