Our Unit

Meetings: Saturday 9.30 - 11.30am during (standard) term times!

Venue: Various whilst we are working with COVID restrictions.

Terms:  August - December 2021 

Subs: Around HK$660 per term to cover room rental, materials and snacks.


A Guide's first term will include an additional fee to contribute towards

general pack materials.

If the idea of Guides is attractive, but the cost is off-putting please speak to us as assisted places are available.

Places: We currently have a few spaces available in the Company. Please drop us a line to join!

Volunteers: If you have a special skill that may be of use to our Guides, please let us know (e.g. survival skills, craft skills, animal expertise etc).

More details: If you have further questions, please drop us a line.

"Life without ADVENTURE would be deadly DULL"

Robert Baden-Powell

Our supporters

We are extremely grateful to the following groups, organisations and people who have supported our Guide company:

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Liza, Avelino, Tim Clark, Hayley Jetson, Nerida Kiprotich, Charlie Ko, Aleksandra Koval, Connie Liu, Dima Lorenz, Caroline Martin, Sam Murray, Doug Nairne, Meeta Nanda, Richard Oakley, Will Probert

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