The Leaders

(our Guiding names are constellations)


aka Monoceros

I was born in Hong Kong and went to school in England. While I’ve never had the opportunity to be a Brownie, I love the outdoors. At school we had the Duke of Edinburgh award and camping is something we still often do as a family! I am the Badge Secretary for the Company. 


aka Columba

I remember fondly my time as a Brownie, growing up in Australia. I have been living and working in HK as a professional musician for 17 years, as well as teaching teens and young adults. I am excited to rise to the challenge of being a Guide Leader, to help young girls grow, learn about themselves and to develop confidence to go out into the world. I run the Pre-Promise programme for the Company. 


I was involved in Guiding in the UK as a Brownie, Guide, Ranger and Young Leader. I am so excited to be back in the movement in DB! Until recently I made my living as a musician and small business owner, and owe so much of who I am today to my experience with the Girl Guides. I was extremely fortunate to travel to Sangam, one of our World Centres, in September 2019 to learn more about being a leader. I am the Guider In Charge of the Company. 

aka Aquila


aka Phoenix

I am new to Guiding, although my daughter was a Rainbow in the U.K.  I am originally from Scotland and have lived in Hong Kong for 16 years. I work as an educator for a kindergarten in Hong Kong.  I am delighted to be part of our DB Guides, and really look forward to supporting the girls in their wonderful Guiding adventure. I oversee all the Company admin and finances. 

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